I would like you to build me a website!

Build me a website for me art!

I would like you to build me a website so that I am able to show my art portfolio to potential clients and way of perhaps selling my greeting cards to a larger public.

Challenge excepted

Hi C’est Moi.

Was thinking about your website and your card business and need some thoughts and responses before I start putting this together. This is just a brain dump and quite comprehensive but do not be put of by this as there is no rush as far as I am aware of to get all this work done. I know to start with you only want a portfolio on the web to show your work but I am considering the next steps if this is to be become a fully blown enterprise so want to think about the end process so that this can be incorporated into the design I am thinking a simple fully blown e-commerce website

So to get me started I need

  • the name of the website and the name of your company to incorporate in the http/www. e.g http/www.phillysbigtrip.wordpress.com so I can start building something
  • samples pictures for sandbox

Then we need to think about the following

  • email address for the orders
  • pricing
  • PayPal account
  • descriptions of the products e,g size dimensions colour etc.
  • a short bio of company
  • how many products you said currently 200 need to think about naming conventions grouping etc for cataloging purpose not just for the site but for when and if you want to start selling from site
  • where you going to keep copies of scanned images and at what quality copyright  protection etc.
  • theme of site and colours branding etc
  • think of a blog as well for new release changes to the blog keeping public informed on what you are up to
  • twitter and Facebook sites linking these
  • if this is a business not a hobby need to set a company? bank account, need to track all cost and recoveries linked to this endeavour just in case tax man starts asking questions
  • the whole process on how this is going to work if and e-commerce business
  • terms and conditions
  • and loads of other things 🙂

Loads to think about but just to get the ball rolling can you get me the name and some samples so that I can start playing with some ideas and we can use this as the springboard for the portfolio and the basis of the site if possible I would like the full 200 if you have them you can put them on my dropbox file I will send you the link if you have these handy.
The site will have

  • a blog which you will update as this progresses sort of diary of what you are doing with regard to this
  • a bio page about you and your business and what the aim is
  • a process page explaining how the site and ordering process will work
  • catalog number of pages with pictures and dimension and info of the cards pages being Birthday card, Xmas Cards , anniversary cards etc, later you can add price and paypal ordering instructions.

Do not feel overwhelmed by all of this and think that I am trying to take over I need certain stuff to be able to do my bit at the end of the day this is your baby and you have final say on look and feel and timing and the more I have to start with the easy is it for me to build and see what it looks like with the full monty of info in it. 🙂

Also ping me any websites you have seen that you like so I can clone and steel ideas from these and if you like let’s do a Skype call to discuss further