The begining

Started of like this

On October 7th 2014 I set of to Belgium to Gills new house to spend the next 3 days working on getting this new website up and running. A great couple of days from a personal perspective spending time with Gill George and Clive but with regard to the job in hand the website a total disaster and a totally frustrating 3 days for the both of us

  • Discussed the process and what the intention was what could be done at this stage and what could be done in the future
  • Gill needed a new E-mail account took most of the day to get this done as computer kept on saying No!
  • Gill needed a new SmugMug account for storing all the media needed for the website again another half day lost computer again said No!
  • Gill needed a new WordPress account to host this new website guess what computer said No! yet again
  • So gave up the technical side of things as there was either something wrong with Gills computer or the dodgy Belgium Internet connection she has. Could not get any of the above to work on my PC either so me thinks its something to do with her provider
  • Next what do we have with regard to product of images to show on the website me expecting loads reality Gill had scanned about +-10 images from her portfolio which is huge and this was all at quite a low resolution okay perhaps for the website but not if we wanted to do other things with these images so they needed to redone and this is a slow laborious process especially with dodgy slow PC see issues above.

So both of us totally miffed of with the lack of progress and our ability to move forward with technology putting up roadblocks left right and centre. We decided to call it a day and go out for walk in a gorgeous woods just down the road from Gills house get some fresh air and away from the damned technology which was driving us both nuts.

So not a great start and the idea of a fully fledged E-commerce site might be a little ambitious however I think we may get a simple Website to show of Gillian Dear Designs but going to take some time and effort.

In my naivety I was hoping to get something done and dusted by this November ready for the Christmas trade for Christmas Cards in reality we are probably looking at something done by the middle of next year.

Slowly slowly catchy monkey watch this space.