Moving Forward Slowly

Gillian has been far to busy to work on Gillan Dear Designs Website 🙂


Well not a lot has happened since November 2014. The New Administrator (me) was busy after getting back to the NL mucking about with layouts and testing various looks and feels of the website however this was made difficult with the lack of content. The Editor (Gillian Dear) and the owner of all this fine content was still having computer issues and mucho lack of time to spend any time on this so not much has happened in the interim.
Its now April 2015 and the Administrator decided not much was happening in the Netherlands and he has decided to go to Ireland for the Summer. He also decided to go via Belgium and also added an extra day to see if we could not get things slowly moving forward at Gillian Dear Designs Website.

  • So we have our first real content 11 sample images to play with.
  • Showed Gill how to scan using only printer skipping PC which is giving us all the grief. Images good enough for current purposes.
  • Spent a good couple of hours with Clive cleaning up there PC in the hopes that this would improve the situation.
  • Got some more instructions on how we (royal We) would like the site to function.
  • Spent some fun time with Gill Clive and George.Grand Tour of Clive’s Work
  • When I got to Ireland spent some time working on this lets hope this is what she wanted ☺
  • Mucked about with sizes of images and quality concerned of images been copied and copyright infringements so need to be good enough for the website but not good enough for anyone to do anything with. Watermarking would ruin some of the images so have decided not to go this route.

And now lets hope we get more content and to a position where we can share this site with a larger audience as I know that Gill has a room full of art that needs scanning and needs to be shared with a larger population and it all rather good but as her brother and administrator of Gillian Dear Designs I may be a tad biased ☺

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