One step forward two back or is that knit one purl one

So been a while for any activity on Gillian Dear Designs Website. Me the administrator has been in Ireland for the last 5 months at Motofeirme and on the way back to the Netherlands decided to pop in and see if anything had happened with regard to content for this site. It was also a mini reunion for the Beckwith siblings so I could kill two birds with one stone and maybe spend some time moving this endeavour forward.

I arrived to the excellent news that Gillian had been a busy girl and had 64 jpegs ready to be loaded.

  • Ok lets have a look at them ?
  • and how did you create them ?
  • I used my camera and took photos of the artwork was the response.
  • Cool lets see them

Got them up on the screen yup there was 64 jpegs only a small problem. They just did not POP. By this I mean they where all dull and lifeless. There where shadows and when the photos where taken I am guessing not enough light on the image so we had content but to be honest not at all usable content.

Bugger we scanned an image and compared it with an image created using the camera and you can see the difference here




White background dull and grey and totally flat in comparison to the quick scan we did of the same image to test which in my view a vast improvement.


So its back to the drawing board all the hard work done in photographing the images for the bin and back to scanning each piece one by one. This is the bit that Gillian hates so one could say moral was pretty low and I was keen to get my hands on some content so that I could continue working on this site.

Sue arrived so we parked the website and continued to enjoy the reunion part of the weekend and try and put this disappointment to one side and to start again from scratch with the content so its one step forward two back or knit one purl one !

Here is a taster of things to come obviously improved quality of the image.