Well as mentioned in the previous posting we now have some content so the next question to be answered is how are we going to split or categorise all of this content. After brainstorming with the boss and lots of talking and bouncing of ideas we have ended up with the following categories;

Additionally we also needed to come up with a feature image for each and these categories and you can see these here as well. Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress and Categories and Feature Images can and probably will change over time due to the fact that the boss and the administrator are forever changing there minds 🙂


Includes images of solitary females.


Includes images of multiple females.


Includes images with a Christmas Theme.


Includes images with a Wedding Theme.


Includes personalised images made specifically for an individual or a special occasion.


Includes Images that do not fit into any of the above categories.

We originally had two other categories Boys and Boys and Girls but these where deemed not to have enough content to have there own category so these images have been distributed over the above categories.

So next up was to update the Home Page which proved more complex than originally thought. I wanted to get the above Thumbnails in 3 columns sounds simple but anyone who has worked with html and WordPress knows that getting images to align is problematic but after a lot of research on the web I think I have cracked it.

Our resident wordsmith Sue Beckwith (big sis) was let loose on the text and we now have an updated Home page.




We have some Content !

Well its finally happened we have some content so now the real work starts on putting the ideas we had for this site into reality. So from Belgium to the Netherlands via dropbox we now have 128 new jpegs files! Who been a busy girl 🙂

So what next

  • Get the files of Dropbox into iphoto
  • Cleanse file in iphoto then get them into Smugmug Master file
  • Create reduced size version of all the files for use on the website
  • Now have working files in Smugmug
  • Experiment with different version to see what the content actually looks like on the site and I am very happy with the result.
  • More cleansing and tweaking

Now its time for the Administrator to be a busy boy Control C Control V is going to be the order of the day to get all this content onto the site.