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Nameplate Gillian cut out

Received some more new content and new instructions on some tweaks that needed doing so I have been working on that as well loading the new content here are some samples.


Bathroom Scene




Nameplate George cut out


Trees in Seasons cut out



Happy Birthday to you :-)

girl in Autumn trees cutout

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Boss Lady

Happy Birthday to you

Lang zal zij leven, lang zal zij leven, lang zal zij leven in de gloria.
In de gloria, in de gloria!
Hieperdepiep, hoera

Todays is Gillian Dear birthday I was going to buy her a card from a great little website that I had found called Gillian Dear Designs however as yet it is not open for business hopefully maybe this time next year it will be and the Boss Lady will finally get that quality card from her little bro no more Hallmark 🙂 (not that she even got a Hallmark card from me note to self must send more birthday cards)

For this year birthday card  I chose girl in Autumn trees cutout as its Autumn it has a ginger girl on it. Loads more in the category Girl I could of picked. Its that simple 🙂