Love to see my paintings in situ! Happy Customers…. Happy Artist.

You have seen my illustrations and paintings on the website and you may have thought, “what do they look like in situ?” Well, here is a glimpse of some of them in their new homes:-)

Happy days in my other Art studio, Warmond, the Netherlands


The original cover image (only 15 cm x 11 cm) has been turned into different size canvases making great wall decorations.  On the left the image has been enlarged to 100 cm x 65 cm and on the right enlarged to 60 cm x 40 cm so the options and sizes with all my Illustrations are endless 🙂



Peppers x 4 green/yellow/red/orange looking good as a wall painting


Tulips x 5 Yellow (cut out style)


Collage and drip paintings looking good in both bedrooms and living rooms.