Blast from the Past

A while back a good friend of ours Helen posted some pictures on Gillian Dear Designs Facebook Page with the following message

” Look what I still have I have another one too but can’t find it as easily Well done you your cards look GREAT ♥️ “


Its just so happens that Helen and I celebrated our 30th birthday together and Gillian did the invitation for us 🙂

I am the Pint and Helen is the Cocktail 🙂

This got me thinking I have a Carousal with old cards that Gill has made for me over the years and I thought I would share them with you all here.

Sticking with the Birthday theme


and then 10 years later my 40th Birthday card

An IOU from way back in 1990 this was pretty disastrous for me it seems that I have dodgy ears that went pop on my first attempt!

Various Moving cards and Thank You Cards


Also used to get bespoke Christmas cards



There were Corporate cards this one done for Paradigm Services in 2006

And random bits of artwork converted into cards this one for another Birthday of mine

So that is my random collection of Gillian Dear Designs Cards that I have what about you guys do you have a bespoke card that Gill has made for you and would you like to share it with the rest of us ? Why not post it on Gillian Dear Designs Facebook Page and you might get a a Thank You Card like this one 🙂