Gillian Dear Designs

I have recently moved back to the UK, Wiltshire to be precise after being in Belgium for nearly 4 years.  Belgium was a great experience for me and the family but we are back in our old house catching up with our old lives.  I have been somewhat distracted with all things DIY and painting walls………….

Having always had some sort of artwork on the go, most of my extended family and friends will have received a handmade card or illustration to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, wedding…. it’s now time to branch out with this website, to share my work with a wider audience.   Please share with your family and friends using the buttons below.

Thank you to my little bro for being Webmaster, big sis for being Wordsmith, my husband for encouragement and my son for distraction – what a team!

Gillian Dear



  1. Gillian Dear · January 31, 2016

    Thanks Gillian. I’m working on some larger allium prints (your favourite!), coming soon.


  2. Gillian · January 24, 2016

    Hi Gill, we’re loving your website. It’s super to see your style in full flow. I still feel very fortunate to be reminded of summer days skipping through alliums in the garden whenever I sit at my desk with your picture conjuring up the warmth! Hope to see you all sometime soon! Gillian


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