Gladiator are you Ready!

Happy 60th Birthday in Rome!

To celebrate Steve was whisked off to Rome to watch England in the Rugby.  Couldn’t resist depicting him as a Gladiator!


No need to get into a Flap!

2 new designs from the 1920’s era.  I do love a flapper dress, have been known to dress up myself in this style…..must find a picture of that!

Many more cards featuring Girls are available, you can view these by clicking on the images above or going to the menu and clicking on Girls which can be found in the Illustration part of this site.

Happy New Year Everyone! Roll on 2018!

Happy New Year everyone!  Roll on 2018!

My friend Gillian (yes, another Gillian!) had a “big” birthday so of course a bespoke print for her was the order of the day.

Depicting Gillian in all her “Yoga” splendour, a fitting way to start 2018.

Many more examples of Bespoke cards are available, you can view these by clicking on the images above or going to the menu and clicking on Bespoke which can be found in the Illustration part of this site.

Oh Dear! Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone from all of us at Gillian Dear Designs.  Above, is the design for my 2017 Christmas card.



Many more Christmas cards are available, you can view these by clicking on the image above/below or going to the menu and clicking on Christmas which can be found in the Illustration part of this site.


Back in the UK

Yes, it’s been a bit quiet on the Gillian Dear Design front … reason being I have recently moved back to the UK.  Wiltshire to be precise after being in Belgium for nearly 4 years.  Belgium was a great experience for me and the family but we are now back in our old house catching up with family and friends.

I have been somewhat distracted with all things DIY and painting walls.  Well, after being in rented accommodation (lots of cream walls), it is lovely to be able to go mad again with colours!

I do love my yellow kitchen – makes me smile!

Time now to get back to the drawing board, sort out the paint brushes and put them to paper!

Gillian Dear

Blast from the Past

A while back a good friend of ours Helen posted some pictures on Gillian Dear Designs Facebook Page with the following message

” Look what I still have I have another one too but can’t find it as easily Well done you your cards look GREAT ♥️ “


Its just so happens that Helen and I celebrated our 30th birthday together and Gillian did the invitation for us 🙂

I am the Pint and Helen is the Cocktail 🙂

This got me thinking I have a Carousal with old cards that Gill has made for me over the years and I thought I would share them with you all here.

Sticking with the Birthday theme


and then 10 years later my 40th Birthday card

An IOU from way back in 1990 this was pretty disastrous for me it seems that I have dodgy ears that went pop on my first attempt!

Various Moving cards and Thank You Cards


Also used to get bespoke Christmas cards



There were Corporate cards this one done for Paradigm Services in 2006

And random bits of artwork converted into cards this one for another Birthday of mine

So that is my random collection of Gillian Dear Designs Cards that I have what about you guys do you have a bespoke card that Gill has made for you and would you like to share it with the rest of us ? Why not post it on Gillian Dear Designs Facebook Page and you might get a a Thank You Card like this one 🙂

Wedding Cards Galore

We have a lot of new wedding cards in stock, prices on application.

Also take a look at other Weddings cards in the  Illustrations part of this website for more choices of cards that are available by clicking on the image above or navigating via the menu to Illustrations/Weddings.

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Laura and Simon’s Wedding

An order came in for a wedding card for a daughter and new son in law…. and here it is!

The Mother of the bride and the “client” is a dear friend of mine so she along  with her two grand daughters were all included into the design.

This was made much easier for me by being supplied with lots of preview photos of the frocks, shoes, flowers, colours etc to work from.

A Card, a postcard and A4 prints were made.

I hear the bride was delighted 😁

We received some great feed back from the mother of the bride Sue Crook

The very talented Artist – Gill Dear, created the most amazing wedding card for my daughter (Laura Kelly) and Son-in-Law (Simon Kelly). Both were delighted with their bespoke card, poster and the postcard is now travelling around Asia with them. I cannot recommend Gill enough to anyone looking for something unique, special and amazing. A copy of the poster is in pride of place in my home too, a reminder of a perfect day. Thank you Gill.

And later from the Bride herself Laura Kelly

Hey Gill, both Simon and I were delighted with the design, in fact the a5 post card is travelling around Southeast Asia with me as a book mark for my travel diary. The original print was framed and put up the day after the wedding. Thank you so so much, you’re a very talented lady 😊