Click on any of the  thumbnails and this will open a new page in Smugmug Girl Web. You can view all the images there using the Smugmug navigation tools. Alternatively you can scroll down to see the images in a larger view with the name of the image which then can then be used for ordering using the  Contact Form.

















Happy Happy Birthday to me!


Teashop Scene


Bag shop scene


Shoe shop scene


Hat Shop scene


Fancy Dress Scene


Doris Cooking


Doris hanging out washing


Doris having a rest


Doris hoovering


Doris Ironing


Doris Washing up


Flower girl Daisy cut out


Flower girl Lily cut out


Flower girl Rose cutout


Flower girl Tulip cut out


Girl in Autumn Wood

Girl in Rainy Wood

Girl in autumn wood sweeping


Girl in spring trees cutout


Girl in summer trees cutout


girl in Autumn trees cutout


Girl in winter trees cutout


girl in heather field cutout



Knit one, Purl one girl cut out


girl in sunflower field


girl in sunflower field cut out


girl in tulip field 1


girl in tulip field 2


girl in tulip field 3


girl in poppy meadow


Girl in Tulip Field cutout


girl in tulip field cut out


Small girl in tulip field


Tip toe through the tulips


Green fairy hanging from balloon


Green fairy hanging from twirls


Girl with Kite


xmas skater on ice


xmas snowshoe-er


xmas girl skater cutout


xmas girl in snowstorm


Girl green outfit


Girl red flower cutout


Mermaid on rock backview


Bathroom Scene


Girl on Sofa Reading

Gillian Dear Designs



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